MiniMoog Voyager:
The synth that started it all does it again

By Steph Jorgl

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In 2002, Moog Music kicked down the new version of the classic MiniMoog: the Minimoog Voyager. The Voyager is a an all-analog performance synthesizer that incorporates virtually all of the functions of the original Minimoog synthesizer, plus a number of new features, including electric blue back-lit legends and pitch and mod wheels.

The Voyager was received enthusiastically by musicians and critics, garnering awards from Keyboard Magazine, Future Music Magazine, Music Tech Magazine, Mix Magazine, and Electronic Musician Magazine.

The Anniversary Edition of the MiniMoog also comes loaded with presets supplied by musical luminaries like Keith Emerson, Herbie Hancock, Darrell Diaz, Printz Board, James Lumb, Don Preston, Fred Wreck, Patrick Moraz, Bob Moog and others.

Delivered By The Ears of Moog
Remade by its original maker, Bob Moog, this new Moog gives you almost all of the same options as the original Model D Minimoog. “They asked me how I could make a digital version sound as good as the original analog version,” says Bob Moog. “I said, ‘Because it’s being tuned by the same set of ears.”

The Performer edition kicks down the same phat sound typical of the Moog name, through three oscillators, two Moog filters, and 4-stage analog envelope generators. This analog-modeled synth also has a 5-input mixer to run your sound through plus a built-in 44-key keyboard. It also comes with MIDI software for downloading and uploading MIDI patches and presets to your synth.

The New Moog. Vogayer Performer Edition.

Moog Loving Audioheads

Trent Reznor

Jack Dangers

Hans Zimmer

Keith Hillebrandt

Chris Vrenna

Richard Devine

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Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition

Get the Moog Movie soundtrack

Featuring tracks by Moog musicians Gary Numan, Keith Emerson, Bootsy Collins, Stereolab, Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto/Tino Corp), They Might Be Giants, Brian Emrich (Psilonaut), Electric Skychurch, Jean-Jacques Perrey and others.

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Moog movie soundtrack
Moog Movie Soundtrack

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