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TECH TIPS is proud to feature tech tips columns by sound design expert Richard Devine and by recording technologist/editor Steph Jorgl. If you are a sonic master and would like to contribute a tech tips column — or if you would like to request a tech tips column be done by a certain person — please drop us a note.

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Upgrade Your Mac — Swap out your old processor on the cheap

By Steph Jorgl’s Steph Jorgl discovers just how easy it is to rev up the power on a legacy Mac to run all those sweet Mac OS X apps that require at least a 700mhz machine to function.

Learn how you can swap out the card your legacy Sawtooth or other early-model Power Mac in less than three minutes, no software required. Check out her article here.

Sonic considerations for future architects of sound

By Richard Devine’s Steph Jorgl named Devine the “Architect of Aural Mayhem” for his ability to create some seriously insane sounds that are truly cinematic. Well-known for his expertise in this area, he was contracted to design some of the original sounds in Native Instruments’ Absynth.

Devine is also an accomplished composer, remixer and songwriter. He’s pretty much done everything, from remixing Aphex Twin, to scoring commercials for Nike. Check out his article here.


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