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an informational resource for people interested in audio, recording, mixing, sound design, engineering and producing and all the fun stuff that comes with it.

This features-based publication hosts interviews with talented people in audio-related fields, and gear reviews and spec pages for almost every product mentioned in our interviews. Our “Goods and Gear” pages are unbiased, not salesy and host real quotes and links to even more stories/interviews with pros using the gear in real life on cool, high-profile music, film and game-related projects.

This site is brought to you by pro audio writer, editor, web publisher, designer, composer, mixer, remixer, songwriter, sound designer, producer and AUDIOHEAD, Steph Jorgl.

Written, edited, designed and published by Steph Jorgl

Contributing writers/photographers include Richard Devine and Nathan Smith.

Interviews volunteered by the people featured here.

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Where Did This Crazy Site Come From?
Our pro audio writer, editor and web publisher founder spent a decade covering new developments in digital audio and writing in-the-studio pieces and feature stories on top producers, composers, engineers and sound designers for Apple, Digizine, EQ, ProSoundWeb and Scratch mag. The online pro audio feature content she produced for tech giant Apple quickly drew to the tune of a million pageviews per month, or 80% of the features traffic to the site.

Steph Jorgl After witnessing the extreme draw of Jorgl’s self-generated music and audio content, Apple subsequently developed and launched the iTunes Music store, bought Emagic and developed and released several audio software products, including Soundtrack and Garageband. And after regularly monitoring the traffic to her pro audio content, and gathering a sizeable readership, Jorgl decided to launch her own features-based online audio magazine, at

Within six weeks after launching, drew over 600,000 pageviews and a sizeable mailing list of Sound Junkies. Electronic Musician magazine then cited as a key resource for audio online in its September 2004 issue. In addition to the site, Jorgl regularly contributed cover stories and content to Digizine and EQ Magazine and served as Technology Editor for the launch of Harris Publications’ Scratch Magazine in Spring 2004.

I Did It For The Audio! strives to deliver insightful biographies, in-the-studio pieces, audio event coverage, tech tips and tricks, and unbiased, self-hosted product reviews and spec sheets that give the reader the straight dope, in a smooth, digestible way. This magazine is designed for audiophiles of all types — from laptop rockers to full-blown pro audio producers, remixers and composers. launched in January 2004, featuring coverage of the Winter NAMM conference, updated interviews from the archives, new interviews and features, and over 100 pages of original product reviews and features on how to use these things in your studio.

Badass Audio Contributors has also enlisted some great contributors, including guitar tech genius Andres Torres (Queens of the Stone Age, P.O.D.), Richard Devine (Architect of Aural Mayhem), and Dave Hill Jr.(audio app genius and author of “Live 2 Power!”), who are contributing their respective expertise to the Tech Tips and section. would love to hear your ideas for future content, including any tips and tricks you might have up your sleeve for audio and sound slingin’. If our technical editing team feels the tricks are both valid and compelling, we’ll post them in a special section within Tech Tips called “Readers Tips and Tricks.” Loves Everyone
The opinions and diatribes on this site are solely representative of the given interview subjects, given writer or contributor, and are not representative of’s stance on a given topic/product.

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