Roland V-Synth and V-Synth XT
Just what you need when the analog bug strikes you

By Steph Jorgl

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Roland delivered the V-Synth and audiophiles took notice. Sonic geniuses, like Grammy-winning engineer/remixer/producers from Tweaker and NIN’s Chris Vrenna to remixer for NIN, Madonna, Evanescence, Justin Lassen, have testified to the value of this newer generation release from long-time electronic instrument developer Roland.

The V-Synth is a 61-note synthesizer that combines multiple analog-modelled oscillators with real-time pitch, time and formant control over a waveform, plus sampling capabilities, COSM filtering and an arpeggiator. This synth features a host of realtime controllers, including the V-Synth’s TimeTrip pad.

This controller’s touchscreen interface gives you an intuitive set of controls, with over 20 knobs and sliders. It comes with a built-in USB port for importing .WAV/AIFF files, exporting .WAV files and hooking up MIDI, and has two stereo outs and stereo mic/line ins, plus S/PDIF digital

Plug into some kickass effects like polyphonic guitar amp modeling, a wave shaper, a resonator, side band filters, a reverb processor (with 10 reverb types), a chorus processor (with eight chorus types), and a heavy-duty, multi-effects processor (with 41 algorithms). And all of the presets on this puppy are rewriteable, so you’ll have plenty of room to tweak and save.

The V-Synth XT
The new rackmount version of the V-Synth includes the Elastic Audio Synthesis engine, analog-synth modeling, vocal modeling, D-50 emulation, COSM effects, external audio processing, a touch-sensitive color display, eight universal edit knobs and a sound shaping function.

The XT offers several options for sampling and external-audio processing. You can sample sounds directly into the XT through the built-in audio XLR and 1/4-inch ins, or via USB (imports to either WAV or AIF format).

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Roland V-Synth

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Roland V-Synth

Roland V-Synth XT

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V-Synth XT

Roland V-Synth XT

A Serious V-Synthesizer
Grammy-winning producer/composer/engineer and remixer Chris Vrenna likes to use his V-Synth as an effects processor. “Sometimes I just use the V-Synth for its sounds, and other times I just patch my synths through it,” he says. “It’s so great to send stuff through the filters, the COSM stuff and the effects section. I use the filters, the Amp Simulator, the Resonators and the Wave Shaper—that’s one of my favorite ones.”

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