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By Steph Jorgl

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Propellerhead Software kicked down some serious audio fuel with the virtual beat box and bass synth Rebirth, then hailed in a new era in computer-based composition with its release of the stand-alone virtual rackmount heaven called Reason. Propellerhead also produces great apps for dicing up sound (ReCycle), converting AKAI samples (ReLoad) and using Reason with Pro Tools (Reason Adapted).

Reason: A Gift from the Mix Gods
It’s amazing to think that one app could not only give you powerfuls synths and samplers, beat tweaky drum machines, a ReCycle-based loop player for your diced up beats, a mixer, a cool pattern sequencer, tons of cool effects AND work really well. But Reason does just that.

Further, there’s absolutely nothing lame about this app. The folks from Propellerheads managed to include really great core components and tools and leave out any unneccessary filler material. This app defintely stands on its own.

Reason is infinitely expandable. You can add as many samplers, drum machines and effects modules to its rackmount environment as you want, up to the limits of your CPU. The app even comes with its own realtime sequencer, so you can use it by itself in the studio or live, or alongside another DAW app via ReWire.

The audio quality is excellent, and the instruments and effects controls work just like their real life counterparts do. Each unit you drop into Reason’s virtual rack can be edited from the sliders, knobs, buttons and functions on the instrument/effect’s on-screen front panel — in realtime. In addition, any and all of your front panel actions — like filter adjustments, pitch bending, gain riding or panning — can be recorded and automated within the Reason sequencer.

Reason screenshot

ReCycle: Slice It Up!
Loop-based experimentation can be a great way to start a song, but handling loops can be hard work, especially if you have to pitch, stretch and re-key the loop each time, just to get it to fit your song’s tempo and timing.

Recycle gives you full creative control over your loop audio files with multiple levels of “undo,” Mac OS X support and full 24-bit resolution. ReCycle lets you slice up your samples into rhythmical sound chunks, and create your own REX2 files. Then you can go deploy them shamelessly within any of your other audio software apps.


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Propellerhead Reason

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Propellerhead Recycle 2.0

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Propellerhead Strings ReFills Rex Sample Library For Reason
Strings ReFills Rex Sample Libr

Propellerheads Put to Work

“About eight years ago, I started listening to electronic music and wondering how they did this stuff,” says pro skateboarder and hip hop producer Chad Muska. “So I got myself a couple of computer programs and messed around with them. Then I got into the MPC2000 and started sequencing on that. Then I got into Cubase and Reason, and now there’s no turning back. Whenever I’m not skateboarding, I’m working on music.”

“Right now I use Recycle so I can replay slices on the keyboard, and reprogram it in the AKAI,” says father of dub electronica/ mastermind of the breakbeat, Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto/ Tino Corp).

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