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The GRM Tools ST bundle offers four insanely cool plug-ins — Contrast, FreqWarp, Equalize, and Freqshift — that let you warp and tweak sound into twisted dark configurations. Think the film Alien contained within a plug-in set. It’s no surprise that you’ll find these plug-ins loaded up in almost every studio that dabbles in the darker side of sound.

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Press Testimonials

“Of the numerous signal-processing bundles available, few match GRM Tools ST in terms of innovation and sound quality ... Each plug-in is surprisingly simple to use, thanks to a well-designed, intuitive interface, and the overall sound quality is superb ..."
— Editors, 2004 Editors Choice, Electronic Musician, January 2004

“I really liked these plug-ins ... I haven't heard this range of sounds from other plug-ins, largely because the GRM Tools aren't simply 'mee-too' version of well-established effects ... I recommend them most highly."
— Peter Freeman, Electronic Musician, December 2003

“If you're interested in fresh sounds, look no further. GRM Tools ST is one of the more mind-bending collections of plug-ins that I've come across ... "
— Mitch Gallagher, EQ, November 2002

“If you want to create truly unusual effects -- and especially if you do sound design for a living -- GRM Tools is a must have."
— Howard Massey, EQ, January 2002

“... indispensable for the serious sound designer."
— Alex Artaud, Electronic Musician, January 2002

“Mad musical scientists and audio manglers will be in heaven with these plug-ins. Talk about a weird, wonderful set of tools ..."
— Greg Rule, Keyboard, October 2001

“There are a ton of wonderful sonic possibilities with the GRM Tools bundle ... the cat's meow for sound design and dance music production ..."
— Eric Hawkins, Mix, August 2001


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Steinberg GRM Tools II VST Plug in Suite

GRM for Engineering Garbage

“The GRM Tools package is so hardcore, it’s unreal, the coolest thing ever,” says lead engineer and programmer for Garbage, Billy Bush. “When we’ve exhausted all of our avenues to make a sound be cool, different, or weird, that is when the GRM stuff truly shines.”

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