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“From the moment the Trak 2 was in service in my studio, my recordings have taken on an extraordinary quality,” says Clif Magness, writer/producer. “I’ve used it with vocals, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, and my Yamaha grand piano. Some of the projects have included Avril Lavigne’s new album, Kelly Clarkson, The Calling, and Clay Aiken. The overall sonic result is smooth, airy, & more realistic, it’s just as if I was in the room with the band and the vocalist.”

“I’ve always really liked the Apogee stuff,” says Matt Still, engineer for OutKast, Elton John, Little Richard and others. “The Trak2 is a great unit.”

“I like the Mini-Me’s compression for its soft knee. It doesn’t have an extremely hard attack and makes the recording sound fatter,” explains Greg Hedgepath, supervising sound editor for “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Spy Kids” and “Blade.” “The Mini-Me brought up the mid range and lows in the engine as well as bringing out the aggressive nature of the engine without making it sound really squashed.”

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