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By Steph Jorgl

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TC Electronic makes PowerCore DSP interfaces for use with native systems. PowerCore is an open DSP-platform that can be used to get rackmount-quality processing inside any of your VST or Audio Unit compatible apps or DAWs like Logic, Cubase, Nuendo or Performer. Further, you can run plug-ins and tools using the PowerCore’s DSP that would normally choke your machine in an instant.

Super FireWire PowerCore
The new PowerCore FireWire rackmount interface gives you extreme DSP in a mobile configuration. Offering almost twice the power of the PCI-card variant, the PowerCore FireWire is a perfect component to get for recording/mixing at both home and the road. It’s also perfect for porting around between studios.

9 Virtual Processors and More
The PowerCore FireWire unit comes with nine virtual processors, a virtual finalizer (Master X), vintage compression, a voice channel strip, two TC-quality reverbs, modulation effects, EQ and synthesis.

In addition to included the plug-ins, PowerCore also works great with many top third-party plug-ins, like the Waldorf, Sony, TC-Helicon and DSound. Further, the PCI-card and the FireWire versions of PowerCore can be used in the same computer, for a completely unstoppable workhorse.

PowerCore PCI

Power It With PowerCore PCI
The PCI PowerCore lets you fill up your virtual racks with rackmount-quality processors without ever taxing your CPU. Plug into lush TC-quality reverbs, smooth chorus/delay, vintage compression, de-essing, a complete vocal processing channel, mastering EQ, a virtual analog synth, plus any other third-party plug-ins you might want.

Run up to 28 vintage compressors, or eight huge machine-taxing reverbs, or any combination of the included studio-quality effects without ever experiencing machine lag. All DSP processing is performed on the card, so only your user interface will run on your computer. PowerCore integrates seamlessly with most I/O systems and most software that supports VST, AU FX or MAS plug-ins.

The PowerCore PCI card will work seamlessly with any of the I/O systems supported by your app, making it a perfect addition to almost any existing studio setup. Up to four cards can be used simultaneously in one system.

Get the PowerCore FireWire rackmount interface

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TC Electronic PowerCore FireWire Rackmount Interface
TC Electronic PowerCore FireWire Rackmount Interface

Get the PowerCore Element DSP PCI card bundle
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TC Electronic PowerCore PCI Farm
TC Electronic PowerCore Element DSP PCI Bundle

Get the PowerCore Compact DSP unit - includes 12 plug-ins
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TC Electronic PowerCore compact
TC Electronic Compact DSP Unit

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PowerCore On The Road

When Pro skateboarder/hip hop producer Chad Muska recorded MuskaBeatz, featuring hip hop greats Biz Markie, Afrika Bambaataa, Raekwon, U-God, Melle Mel, Guru, KRS-One, Jeru, Prodigy, McLyte, Special Ed, Ice-T and Flavor Flav, he recorded the entire thing on a PowerBook in a hotel room, running a bunch of virtual synths, samplers and effects through a PowerCore card. Read the story here.

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