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In his tech tips column for, sound designer for music, film, video games and software instruments Richard Devine recommends the 828.

“You’ll want to get a decent sound card with decent microphone inputs,” says Devine. “I use the DigiDesign Mbox and MOTU 828s for my acoustic outside recordings as they have decent Mic pres and integrate well with laptop computers.”

On-set scoring with the 896HD
In 2001, Nike flew sound designer and composer Richard Devine out to L.A. to score two Nike commercials on set.

“I did the whole thing in Logic Audio with another software sampler, Native Instrument’s Battery — it was completely done on that,” he recalls. “It was so funny because everyone on the set was like, ‘You’re doing this whole commercial on that computer?’ and I was like, ‘Yep. It’s all you need.’ I had a 896 and a pair of headphones and that was it.”

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