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Symbolic Sound Corporation makes hardware and software for computer-based audio production. They are the creators of the Kyma sound design workstation, a visual sound design language that works with the Capybara multi-processor hardware accelerator. Kyma is regularly used for sound design in the areas of music, film, advertising, TV, speech and hearing research, computer games, and other virtual environments.

More Power, More Flexibility
Kyma for Mac OS X enhances the flexibility and power of the Kyma sound design language by delivering a fresh new look, improved documentation, compatibility with newer operating systems, and new features to help you expedite your workflow and create your own custom Tools.

The new Kyma X features vast improvements to the interface in terms of both appearance and ease of use, plus fundamental changes have been made to the underlying structure of the software, making it possible for Kyma to run under Mac OS X and Windows XP, while opening the door for even further expansion. Additionally, there is a completely new tutorial manual and new third-party sample libraries included with the new version.

Kyma screenshot

Get Kyma

(click the image below to get Kyma for Mac OS X)

kyma x

Kyma Faithfuls

“Kyma has advanced additive synthesis features,” says sound designer for film, television, games and soft synths Richard Devine. “For example, I can take a microphone and control 500 sine waves just with my voice articulation map. You can drastically change the tonal characteristics of the sound by pulling those partials either way — they can be divided in odd numbers or even numbers. It’s really wild.”

“The new icons are delicious!” says Hamilton Sterling, Sound Editor on “Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World.” “They look so tasty, you just want to pop them into your mouth!”

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