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E-Mu makes several types of synthesizers, sound modules and samplers — in both keyboard and rackmount versions — so you easily tap into the sound, synthesis and power of the legendary Proteus family of sound machines.

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Trent Reznor

Hans Zimmer

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Choose from the following great E-Mu sound modules and controllers, then click on the image of the one you want.

E-mu PK-6

E-mu PK-6
The new PK-6 keyboard gives you E-MU’s Proteus sounds and features, with a 32 MB composer soundset (expands to 128mb), 16 realtime controllers and filters, 16 syncable/programmable arpeggiators, interactive Super BEATs Mode, 24-bit DACs and a super-fast processor.

Proteus 1000

Proteus 1000 30th Anniversary Sound Module

This powerful 64-voice expandable sound module gives you the same 32 MB Composer soundset and lightning-fast processor as the Proteus 2000. Delivers dead-on MIDI timing, and realtime flexibility via 12 programmable front panel controllers. Comes with an additional 32 MB ROM slot so you can expand your sounds, or author your own custom sound ROMs using E-MU’s E4 Ultra samplers.

Proteus 2000

Proteus 2000 Sound Module
The Proteus 2000 sound module ships with the versatile 32 MB Composer soundset, offering you 1536 presets (1024 ROM, 512 user), 32 MIDI channels give you extreme versatility in the studio. New 32-bit processor provides you with lightning-fast MIDI response, even with huge sequences. 4 realtime controls allow you to access any 12 parameters, giving you instant control over your sounds. Expandable to 128 MB of sounds, using four internal ROM slots.

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