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By Steph Jorgl

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What happens when you combine a sonic wizard like Keith Hillebrandt with a sexy rhythmic master like Jerome Dillon? ArhythmiA.

A couple years back, Hillebrandt (the sound designer for Useful Noise, Poke In The Ear and Nine Inch Nails) and Dillon (drummer, multi-instrumentalist and composer for nearLY, Howling Maggie and Nine Inch Nails) were on break from their regular duties working for Trent Reznor. So they decided to spend their downtime putting their heads together on a collborative project: a very unique kind of sound sample collection called ArhythmiA.

Hillebrandt had also just finished work on his Useful Noise V.2 sound collection and at that time, Sonic Foundry heavily courted the ArhythmiA project as well, eventually agreeing to distribute it.

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Yet by the time the duo finished their work on what would become a 4-CD set packed full of sweet-sounding yet gritty drums, textures and drones, Sony had purchased Sonic Foundry’s audio assets and so the release of ArhythmiA was held back. But now it’s here!

Where Sonics Meet Mastery
The twin volume ArhythmiA sample collection is everything you would expect from such a blend of sonic mastery and percussive talent: Hillebrandt’s well-renowned skill at blending emotion into sound at the subsonic level, combined with Dillon’s talents as one of the best drummers in the world of rock and roll today. This isn’t any ordinary sample CD. This is the ultimate sonic blessing for your favorite soft sampler or any loop-based audio app (like Live, Acid, Soundtrack or Garageband).

Further, between the two volumes, you get four whole CDs full of dark and dirty rhythmic delights in the form of 24-bit .wav files, Recycle files (.rx2), and ACID files. Further, there’s a special treat on each CD: an ACID demo file with starter songs created by Dillon and Hillebrandt, combining their ArhythmiA samples with other loops from the ACID library.

I highly recommend getting both volumes today. This is one sonic collection that you definitely do not want to miss out on. It has all the grit and drone that Reznor’s ears were born to hear.

Arhythmia Volume One Arhythmia Volume Two


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ArhythmiA Volume One
ArhythmiA Volume One

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ArhythmiA Volume Two
ArhythmiA Volume Two

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It’s finally here: NearLY’s debut album “reminder” is a unique collection of songs that are tied together by various musical and lyrical threads. Baroque strings and acoustic instrumentation are merged with aggressive bombastic drums and bass for a hollow and hauntingly seductive record that takes you on an isolating journey. “absolutely gorgeous.” (click here for’s interview/review)


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Hillebrandt On Sound

When Keith Hillebrandt designs his droney and atmospheric mood-touching sounds and soundscapes, he works a lot of his sonic magic inside of the computer. “I always need a precision sample editor, so Peak is my main program,” he says. “It is always the front end and the back end of my sounds.

“Peak also has given me some weird sound design processes,” says a grinning Hillebrandt. “I have this process called ‘ Sound Design Roulette.’ I will go to the batch processor in Peak, and I’ll set up three or four things for Peak to batch process, I’ll have it convolve and then I’ll add gain by 10db, even if it sounds normalized. Then, I’ll just grab a folder of sounds — drums, glass breaking or something — drag it on there, then open each sound. Every once in a while, I’ll have a winner!”

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