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“I use Live because of the fantastic sound quality, ease of use, the effects, stability and OS X support,” says Billy Bush, engineer for the rock band Garbage. “Live’s ease of use is beyond that of any other piece of software I can think of. We literally loaded it into our laptops and started making beats with it in minutes without even looking at the manual. Time-stretching loops on the fly has made writing and preproduction so much more efficient, which lets us to experiment more than time would normally have allowed.”

“We change a lot of things in the final dub,” explains award-winning composer Hans Zimmer. “This is when the sound effects come in. Sometimes the whole feel of the movie changes, so this is always a great moment. It is fantastic to be able to manipulate things, to make changes the very last moment. But, rather than doing cuts all of the time, Live makes things much easier. I really like the fluidity of it.”

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