Dillon’s nearLY Project Released

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The record finally came together during the two-year break Dillon had after completing playing drums on the NIN “Fragility” tour and working in the studio with Trent Reznor on “Still.” Unfortunately, just as Dillon was about to release “nearLY: reminder,” he was asked to go on tour again with NIN in support of the new 2005 release, “With Teeth.”

After almost a year on NIN’s “With Teeth” tour, a freak incident occurred resulting from an allergic reaction to some medicine that was prescribed to Dillon, which really made him re-think his priorities. “After parting ways with NIN, I decided to concentrate immediately on releasing nearLY,” he says. Two months after Dillon’s departure from NIN, “nearLY: reminder” is now released by KUFALA and shipping.

nearLY reminder released  dec 2005

Next Step: Producing and Playing nearLY Out Live
Whether playing gently with your emotions with the saddest dark lonely hues of piano, or driving them furiously to their heights using drums, piano, guitars, strings and the psycho-sonic sound design skills of NIN-secret weapon Keith Hillebrandt (who also gave additional input on two mixes), Dillon definitely proves that he’s on top of his producing game.

“nearLY: reminder” will surely make you wonder why Dillon spent so many years sitting quietly behind the drums.

Next on the plate for Dillon are more producing exploits. “I’ve been asked to produce a band next year for an indie label that starts recording in January 2006 and to write some string arrangements for a singer/songwriter,” he says. “I’m kind of hoping that it works out that I have enough time to do that and maybe play some sporadic live dates with ’nearLY’ as well. The response to the record so far has been good.”

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It’s finally here: NearLY’s debut album “reminder” is a unique collection of songs that are tied together by various musical and lyrical threads. Baroque strings and acoustic instrumentation are merged with aggressive bombastic drums and bass for a hollow and hauntingly seductive record that takes you on an isolating journey. “absolutely gorgeous.”


To order “nearLY: reminder” now, click here or click the image above.

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