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EQ Session Files and Success Stories

Check out how these audioheads recorded a particular element of a recording in the Session Files. And check out how these other sonically gifted folks charted their path toward success in the industry in the Success Stories section. Click on any image below to get the full version of each EQ story. (All stories by Steph Jorgl, except for occasional crudely inserted intros, compliments of former EQ Editor E. Robinson)


Jason Slater Recording Bass: Queensryche
Known for his recording and mixing work with acts like Good Charlotte, Snake River Conspiracy, Twisted Method, Slaves on Dope and Apartment 26, producer/engineer Jason Slater gives us the straight story on how he recorded the bass tracks for “Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime 2.” Read more.

Butch Vig Recording Guitars: Garbage
Legendary producer Butch Vig tells us how he recorded the guitars for Garbage’s ”Bleed Like Me.” “This is a really huge guitar record for us,” says the producer, drummer and songwriter for Garbage. Read more.

John Feldmann Recording Bass: The Used
John Feldmann is known for his producing work with Goldfinger, The Used and Good Charlotte. He explains how he recorded the bass and guitar tracks for The Used’s second record, “In Love and Death.” Read more.

Nate Oberman Recording Vox: Snoop Dogg
After working for two years as an engineer for George Clinton, Nate Oberman landed the cush job as Snoop Dogg’s engineer and studio manager. Here he tells us how he mic’d up, recorded and mixed the vox of the Dogg for “R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece.” Read more.

Hunter Brown Recording Guitars: STS9
Guitarist, engineer and sound designer Hunter Brown tells us how he records the axe when recording on the road with the ever-touring, genre-defying, experimental, alternative-rock-meets-jazz-meets-electronica act, Sound Tribe Sector Nine (STS9). STS9 regularly plays with legends like James Brown, Perry Farrell, Tortoise, Telefon Tel Aviv, the Roots, Blackalicious and Ozomatli. Read more.

Atticus Ross Recording Synths: NIN
Producer and engineer for Korn and NIN Atticus Ross also composed the Emmy-nominated compositions for The Hughes Brothers’ “Touching Evil” TV series. Here he talks about how he recorded the synths for NIN’s “With Teeth.” Read more.


Paul Linford Scoring Film and Games
Paul Linford (Gone In Sixty Seconds, Glory Road, National Treasure, Bad Boys II) kicks down the serious rocktronica that’s made its way into over 24 feature films. And now he’s moved into scoring for video games with “Need For Speed: Most Wanted.” Read more.

Dino Herrmann Composer Dino Herrmann
As the son of a German racecar driver, Dino Herrmann knows what it means to be fearless. He now works as a composer, engineer, programmer, and editor, contributing to Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Lopez, and American Hi-Fi and films from Alien Vs. Predator to The Day After Tomorrow. Read more.

Robin Nixon Robin’s rOOm
Robin Nixon not only helped pioneer the electronic dance scene and launch the CD pre-listening revolution by programming music for Urban Outfitters in the ‘90s, but he also carved himself a place on the film side of music: as a music video producer for the Fugees, Cypress Hill, Boys 2 Men and Oasis. Read more.


Jack Joseph Puig cover The Ultimate Mix
Having mixed award-winning and platinum-selling tracks for vocally intense artists like John Mayer, Green Day, The Goo Goo Dolls, No Doubt and others, Jack Joseph Puig definitely knows how to finesse the mojo when it comes to mixing vocal tracks. Read more.

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