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The eagle has landed for live DVD scratching

By Steph Jorgl

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Pioneer’s unveiling of the DVJ-X1 hails a new era in the future of video remixing. The turntable-like device is designed to let you scratch DVDs like records. As a result, anything you could do before with vinyl can now be done with DVD video.

The device lets you manipulate and playback synchronized audio and video, perform realtime digital video scratching, loop, cue, reverse and pitch shift. It also has a built-in emergency mix fix button that automatically generates four beats in time with the BPM, to give you a moment of reprise before jumping in with your next dynamic. The DVJ-X1 has on-board memory, plus an SD card slot, allowing for additional AV loop and cut point storage.

Cue It Up
The DVJ-X1 can memorize up to three cue points per DVD/CD. You can then recall these points by hitting any of the A, B or C buttons, just like a mini sampler!

You can also quickly find the beginning of a track with the Auto Cue function. Further, you can set the sound level to suit your particular sonic taste (-36db to 78db).

The Role of Reversal
Control reversal with a flickable switch, with no threat of losing tempo or pitch. Immediately use your flipped signal within any track without stopping. The Reverse function can also be used with other functions like Hot Cue and the Loop Sampler.

DVJ-X1 front and back

Realtime ReLooping
Once you set a loop on the DVJ-X1, it will loop continuously until you hit the ReLoop / Exit button. No worries, though. The DVJ-X1 will not halt or skip, and your track will continue playing without any pause. Then, if you want to start the loop again, just hit the ReLoop button again and go! You can also easily adjust the Out point of any of your stored loops.

ReLoop It
Hitting the Reloop button will instantly take you back to the beginning of any loop stored in the DVJ-X1’s memory, even if the loop is currently playing. or at any time while the current track is playing. The loop will remain stored in memory until replaced with a new loop.

Secure Digital Memory
The DVJ-X1 lets you store Wave data and Cue and Loop points with a thumbnail image (for DVD memory points only). This data can be stored on a removable memory card (SD) or within the player’s internal memory. The removable SD card can also be used in any DVJ-X1, so once you have stored your favorite cue and loop points, you can take them with you. (A 16MB SD card is supplied with the player and will hold up to 500 memory points.)

DVD/CD Controls
Control DVDs and CDs with the DVJ-X1’s high-quality aluminium buttons, including Track Search, Search, Cue and Play / Pause. Plus, all of the standard DVD controls available, including four-way directional control, Enter, Menu, Track Menu and Setup

Jog It, Baby
Quickly scroll through saved cue and loop points with the Jog wheel and cue your track with a huge, touch-sensitive jog dial — designed to emulate the control characteristics of a vinyl turntable, combined with all of the features from Pioneer’s industry standard CDJ range of CD players. The DVJ-X1 offers a feel similar to the familiar CDJ-1000MK2.

The DVJ-X1 can be set in either Vinyl or CDJ mode. While in CDJ mode, the jog dial functions just like a Pioneer CDJ player, but without the touch sensitivity. When the DVJ-X1 is in vinyl mode, the top of the jog dial functions much like a vinyl turntable — pressing down will stop the music and allow you to scratch or cue your track by rotating the jog dial in either direction.

Get the DVJ-X1

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The DVJ-X1 Is Ready To Gig

Two DVJ-X1’s and a Microphone
You can easily connect two DVJ-X1’s with a standard 3.5mm mini-plug cable, to allow one unit to standby while the other one plays. A Relay Play function will automatically start the second player, enabling the duo to play “back to back.”

High Quality Sound Conversion
The DVJ-X1 is equipped with Pioneer’s wide-range technology “Legato Link Conversion.” Therefore, this sweet device is capable of reproducing sound frequencies above 20kHz, which would be lost during normal CD-format playback. Not only does this give your great sound reproduction, but your links will sound way closer to the original recording and a lot more analog, like vinyl would.

Built to Handle Impact
The DVJ-X1’s oil-dampened floating suspension prevents sound skipping, even when subjected to impact during use, or the vibrations generated from high volume music and low frequency bass. Further, sound jumps and skipping are prevented the DVJ-X1’s 16-second shock-proof memory (for normal DVD/CD play — minimum of 10 seconds if scratching and reading wave data at the same time in Vinyl mode). The DVJ-X1 is also equipped with safety guards around the power and eject buttons, and has a locking feature to prevent accidental CD ejection or loss of power to the mains.

Digital Output
The DVJ-X1 is equipped with full-feature digital output so you can keep your scratching and master tempo playback in the digital domain. Users who want to use the digital output for archival purposes can also do so via the digital mode switch on the rear of the unit.

DVJ-X1 top shot

Control Your Tempo
A 100mm linear high precision slider is connected to a 0.02% (at +/- 6% and +/- 10%) adjustment indication on the DVJ-X1’s display panel. This gives you total control and ensures that your tempo adjustment is easily and accurately deployed. You can assign ranges of +/- 6%, +/-10%, +/-16% and +/-100% to the Tempo Control slider. And there is a recessed emergency Tempo Control Reset button that will reset the tempo to 0% or original tempo of the track regardless of the slider position.

It Can Read Everything!
The DVJ-X1 can read DVD Video, DVD-R (Video mode), DVD-RW (Video mode), CD, CD-R and CD-RW disks.

Pitch Bend It
Speed up or slow down the tempo of your video and audio depending on the direction the jog dial is rotated — either forward or reverse.

Master Your Tempo
Pioneer’s Master Tempo locks the pitch of the audio track even if you change the speed. So you can go ahead and speed up or slow down the beat without any noticeable difference in how the vox or instruments sound.

Cueing It Up Manually
Cue points can be set anywhere on the DVD/CD using either the Vinyl or CDJ mode. Adjustments are made by using either the jog dial or manual search buttons. The cue point is automatically stored in the internal memory (If SD is inserted in DVJ-X1, the cue point is automatically stored in the SD.) until it is overwritten with a new cue point.

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