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M-Audio makes great, affordable audio and MIDI interfaces for computer-based recording. Among their line, you’ll find some cool USB-connected controller keyboards, like the infamous Oxygen 8, plus many other great control surfaces for mixing, tweaking and live performing.

M-Audio’s Oxygen 8 controller keyboard is a legend in its own right. Hailing a new era of using controller keyboards (keyboards with no sound built in) to trigger software synths and samplers, the Oxygen 8 has been replicated by many other companies and entire lines of controllers and controller keyboards have popped up all over the place since the Oxygen 8’s successful debut. However, M-Audio now puts out multiple sizes and configurations of this classic controller.

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The FireWire 1814
M-Audio delivered its largest and most feature-rich FireWire interface yet, the FireWire 1814. The I/O box supports sampling rates up to 192kHz and lets you port in and out through an assortment of analog and digital connections. The interface features two channels of mic/instrument preamps, 8 channels of ADAT Lightpipe I/O and 8x4 analog I/O. Click the image below to purchase the M-Audio 1814 interface.

FireWire 18/14


Take Control with M-Audio

If you’re ready to starting recording, choose from the following great controllers and interfaces and click on the image of the one you want.

M-Audio Delta 410 FireWire Computer Recording Interface

M-Audio Delta 410 FireWire Computer Recording Interface

(Mac OS X and Windows compatible)

M-Audio Oxygen8 USB MIDI Controller

Oxygen8 USB MIDI Controller
The Oxygen 8 holds strong as an essential portastudio tool. You will see this mini keyboard pictured in project studios, on tour busses, and under the arm of many a DJ. The Oxygen 8 has 25 keys, eight assignable MIDI controller knobs, plus pitch bend and mod wheels.
M-Audio MobilePre USB

M-Audio MobilePre USB interface
This preamp meets audio interface is designed for recording on the go. With three types of audio inputs and outputs, including two mic/instrument preamps and high impedance instrument ins, this box is ideal for recording guitar or bass tracks while on the road. USB-connected and completely bus-powered.
X-Session USB MIDI Control Surface with Crossfader

M-Audio X-Session USB MIDI Control Surface with Crossfader
This USB MIDI control surface has a classic 60mm crossfader, 10 assignable buttons for triggering loops and digital effects, or to mute and unmute tracks. There are 16 assignable knobs so you can control volume and panning, digital effects and synth parameters. LCD screen display, USB bus-powered, and comes with Ableton Live XS and Arturia Storm XS.

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