Korg Kaoss Pad
Supreme tactile control for every parameter

By Steph Jorgl

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The Korg Kaoss Pad is a completely different kind of effects processor. Instead of simply turning knobs or sliding moveable faders, you stroke or touch the surface of its glass pad and the axis point of your tactal contact deploys a corresponding effect and parameter—in realtime.

Put Some Kaoss Into Your Live Set
The Kaoss Pad is great for live performances. Not only is it backlit, but the pad turns colors based on what effect you are triggering. It can also be used to control audio or video effects and transitions, via audio processing within the box, or via MIDI.

The original Kaoss Pad gave you playable effects for any type of audio — like records, CD, samplers, or keyboards. But the KP2 expands upon the original by giving you even more effects (a total of 100 included), automatic BPM synching to these effects, MIDI clock or the tapped tempo, plus killer sampling capabilities.

The KP2 has MIDI I/O capability and lets you control effects as if you were playing a musical instrument. The KP2 opens new opportunities for mixng, sound processing and live performance, and a new function called “Pad Motion” lets you record and reproduce your finger movements on the touch pad.

Can Touch This!
By gliding your finger across the Kaoss Pad, you can control the many sophisticated aspects of this powerful effects processor. As you move your finger left to right, you can morph certain aspects of the sound, or if you move it up and down, you can modify other parameters. In fact, anytime you glide across or tap on the pad, you can make evocative changes to your mix and produce a level of complexity that might be tough to achieve with any other controller.

Tap Into 100 Killer Effects
The KP2 gives you the essentials, including filters, delays, reverb, and flanging, plus cutting-edge DJ effects like isolator, slicer, and auto-panning. You can select between effects programs by turning a knob and can assign up to eight effects for instant recall. You can freeze a certain effect in its current position with the “Hold” switch, and easily capture the perfect setting in the heat of the moment, or to rhythmically tweak the sound by tapping directly on the pad.

Sync Yourself Into Synths and Vocoders
Not only does the KP2 come with some killer effects, but it’s packed with 15 butt-kicking synth sounds including some amazing analog synths and ethereal ambient sounds. Five vocoder programs are also included for MC or vocal processing.

Sync Up With KP2’s BPM Effects
Sync up your effects to match the delay time or the LFO of certain modulation effects like pan, phaser or flanger, to the BPM with KP2’s 20 specially programmed beat-matching effects. Or, use the Auto BPM function to detect the speed of an input source and adjust the BPM manually. Or, tap in the tempo or sync the KP2 to an incoming MIDI Clock. Eight new BPM patterns can be triggered from the touch pad, letting you play rhythm and bass synth patterns in perfect sync to the BPM.

Sample It Up!
Plug into the KP2’s audio in, and sample up to six seconds of sound at a rate of 44.1 kHz. You can then trigger those samples with the two sample keys on the KP2. Then add to the fun by running your samples through the KP2’s effects. Or, sample a sound while processing it through the KP2’s effects You can also use the touch pad on the Kaoss Pad to apply time-stretch, reverse-playback, pitch shift, or scratch effects to your samples.

Record and Transform Your Pad Moves
The KP2 will recall your exact pad movements. So, while you’re completely on, you might want to record these moves with the Pad Motion function. That way, you can play back your complex pad movements later and instantly reproduce your original effects and sounds.

You can also use the Mute function to cut the input sound and leave the reverb or delay “tail,” or you can switch muting rapidly on/off in time with the rhythm and deploy a tricky DJ technique called “transform.”

Quickly Connect To Your DJ Gear
The KP2 is designed to be ready for use with a variety of sound sources. Its Phono In and Line In connectors allow you to easily hook up to turntables, CD players, and other musical instruments. The KP2’s Mic input is perfect for processing vox, or other MC action. The MIDI In and Out connectors let you hook up to your computer-based sequencer/laptop so you can record and play back your subtle movements live. The MIDI Out connector lets you use the KP2 to control other synths and MIDI-connected gear.


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Get the Korg Kaoss Pad

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Korg KP2 Kaoss Pad Digital Effect/Controller

Korg KP2 Kaoss Pad

(Digital Effects/Controller)

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the KP2 Carrying Bag

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Korg Electribe/KAOSS Carry Bag

Korg Electribe/KAOSS Bag

The Specs on KP2

Effect Programs
100 visual effects
100 sound effects
100 combination effects

Line Inputs: 1 / 2
Video Input Jack 1: pin jack
Video Input Jack 2: pin jack
S jack

Line Outputs 1 / 2
Video Output Jack: pin jack
S-Video Output Jack: S jack
Headphones (stereo phone jack)

Sampling Frequency

AD/DA Conversion
20-bit linear


Power Supply
DC7V (AC Adapter)

9.45”(W)9.69”(D)x 2.64”(H)

2.1 kg / 4.63 Ibs

AC Adapter, touch pad protection sheet

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