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Orville, the Eclipse and the DSP7000

By Steph Jorgl

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Eventide makes super-phat, rackmount effects units for serious sound design and sound processing. These puppies make great studio tools, but hold up to the test for live performing as well. Choose from the three following rackmount options: the Orville, the Eclipse and the DSP7000 Harmonizer. Then go proceed to sonically destroy all barriers between you and your ultimate sound.

The Orville

Eventide’s Orville Effects Processor
The Orville gives you 24-bit/96kHz processing with eight times the DSP of the legendary DSP4000. You can process up to two sets of dual stereo signals, while its UltraShifter lets you produce natural-sounding vocal harmonies in realtime in up to a full four-octave range. Hundreds of new presets, plus DSP4000 presets are included with the Orville, and it is also compatible with plug-ins on the DSP4000/4500 cards. Four-channel reverbs give you 360-degree, surround-sound ambience. You also get reverbs, pitch shifters, distortion, dynamics, EQ, phasing, flanging, and other music and production effects — all selectable from the front-panel.

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The onboard object-oriented algorithm construction kit makes it easy to create new programs with its virtual patchbay which includes over 150 distinct effects modules. This interface can be used with Eventide’s VSIGFILE, a PC/Windows-based freeware editing tool for developing presets. Communicating with Orville via the rear-panel MIDI or direct COM ports, VSIGFILE offers an object-oriented GUI. (VSIGFILE requires Windows 3.1 or higher — including Windows NT — and at least a 486 machine, 8MB RAM, or a Power Mac running a suitable Windows emulator.

The Orville’s Timesqueeze algorithm ensures realtime, high-quality pitch shifting, and time compression and expansion. Up to four digital ins and outs can be used in a configuration of AES/EBU and/or S/PDIF. The analog ins on this box can also be used with any combo of up to four XLR or mono jacks.


Eventide’s DSP 7000 Harmonizer
The DSP7000 is like an old classic Harmonizer that’s been updated for the modern world to deliver super-charged processing power and with an easy-to-use interface. The DSP7000 gives you 24-bit conversion at 96kHz and award-winning effects like reverbs, chorus, delays, EQ, flanging, noise gate, phasing, pitch shift, UltraShifter and multiband compression. You also get tap tempo, mastering tools, diatonic shift and dynamic processing with this device.

This ultra powerful effects box comes with 500 factory presets, 150 internal user presets (expandable via PCMCIA) and analog and digital I/O — each with separate gain controls and metering for each domain. Bring your audio signal in and out of the DSP7000 through its two balanced XLR ins, two phono ins and XLR balanced analog outs.

The DSP7000 also provides you with a bank of MIDI clock presets, sample and hold filters, FM panners and effects that will lock to your incoming MIDI clock, so you don’t have to spend any time doing the math to get your effects loops to match up to your tracks.

Eventide’s Eclipse Multi-Effects Processor
Eventide’s Eclipse gives you up to ten times the processing power of the original H3000, bringing you the classic pitch change, reverb, and special effects program presets, plus a dual-processor architecture that is configurable into series, parallel, stereo or dual mono.

The Eclipse converts at 24-bit/96kHz and it’s signal-to-noise ratio is better than 104dB. This rackmount unit offers compact Flash Type I and II preset memory storage, plus you can tap into a full numeric keypad and customizable hot keys to recall your frequently used parameters. Supports digital S/PDIF and AES/EBU I/O, analog balanced and unbalanced I/O and ADAT lightpipe.


The Orville

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Eventide Orville Effects Processor
Eventide Orville Effects Processor

The SP7000 Harmonizer

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Eventide DSP7000 Harmonizer
Eventide DSP7000 Harmonizer

The Eclipse

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Eventide Eclipse Multi-Effects Processor
Eventide Eclipse Multi-Effects Processor

Eventide for Sound Design

“I personally use the Eventide effects processors, like the Orville, which I feel offer the widest range of audio processing tools for audio manipulation,” says songwriter, remixer, sound designer and composer for Nike commercials, film, games, and software apps like Absynth, Richard Devine.


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