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From MTV to DVD

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DVD Instead of Tour
“I love making little video skits and such. That’s why I made a DVD to go with my CD. It’s almost two hours of material that I’ve written and edited, up late at night in my studio,” he says. “I’ve done the band thing, the touring thing, but that’s not me.”

“I asked my record company to put the money that they would have put into touring into running 15- to 30- second spots of material — commercials — that I make myself,” says Lynch. One such commercial features Lynch and Ringo Starr telling people to buy Liam Lynch’s “Fake Songs.” Starr plays drums on some tracks on the album, including “Try Me” and “Cuz You Do.”

“The live thing is great, but I’m not in it for the stage energy,” says Lynch. “I just like being in the studio late at night working on music, video or whatever.

Comedian/songwriter/performer Jack Black of Tenacious D also appears on Lynch’s release, doing a duet with Lynch on a song called “Rock and Roll Whore.” People can also watch the duo recording the song in the “Behind The Scenes” section of Lynch’s DVD.

The “Fake Movies” DVD that comes with the “Fake Songs” CD gives you almost two hours of submersive fun, as you delve into the warped alter-reality of Lynch’s mind, and experience his truly puppet mindset, witness his computer-animated shorts, music videos and home movies, and tap into exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. The DVD is packed chock full of the same zany comedic wit you would expect from the man behind the “Sifl & Olly Show,” and the song “My United States of Whatever.”

Directing Big Vids
Lynch’s writing/directing and video editing career have also taken off recently. In 2003, he was nominated for three MVPA awards: “Best Alternative Video” and “Directorial Debut” for Tenacious D’s “Tribute” and “Best Video for Under $25,000” for the video he made for “My United States of Whatever.”

“It shoulda been for the best music video made for under $5,” jokes Lynch. “Because that’s really all it cost. I edited the whole thing in my studio in my garage.”

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Dune Warrior
Dune Warrior. Liam Lynch ponders his alter reality from the comfort of a sandy dune.

Liam Lynch

1. Fake Rock Star
2. From MTV to DVD

Self-produced DVD
“My album comes with an included DVD, so it is an audio album as well as a visual album. I made the DVD 100% on my Mac. All graphics, all the videos, all the audio — I made everything in the comfort of my home studio,” says Lynch. “It was so great. The album was also all mixed and mastered in Pro Tools.

Lynch spent months shooting and editing skits and music videos, including segments showing how he cuts his own videos in Final Cut Pro and how he assembled the menus and content for the DVD using DVD Studio Pro. He also uses Poser for animation.

“The album is so multimedia and every single part and element was created 100% with Macs — mixed in Pro Tools, edited in Final Cut Pro, DVD mastered with DVD Studio Pro,” says Lynch. “And in my new video for a song called ‘Rapbot,’ even my robot costume’s mouth LED lights are driven by my iPod!

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