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Remix What You Love

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Remix What You Love
Although he’s now remixed the greats from New Order to Underworld, Digweed insists that it’s not the name that counts. “With remixing, it’s just about working on tracks that you like. If you get the opportunity to do a major band, then great,” he says.

John Digwed “I tend to like dark moody, hypnotic, progressive, driving house music. But as soon as you put a label on it, you categorize it” he explains. “You know, I think it’s more about music being music. I play dance music and that covers quite a few genres.”

Digweed names the “Bladerunner” soundtrack and Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” as his all-time favorite records.

However, these days he mostly listens to newer stuff. “I’ve got a record label now, so I spend most of my time just listening to demos from producers and DJs,” he says.

Digweed never expected to hit superstar DJ status, and he’s very thankful for his situation. “I’m really fortunate that I work with amazing people,” he says. “I met Nick on a skiing holiday, and then he came to the studio and we started working together. We really gelled from the start, and it’s been 10 years now.”


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Mixing with Macs and Logic
“I use Macs for everything,” says the renowned DJ. “I’ve got a PowerBook and a Power Mac in the studio. Nick Muir, my musical partner, and my engineer, John Gray, both have Power Macs as well. Personally, I’ve always used Macs,” says Digweed. “I never had anything else.”

“I use Emagic’s Logic Audio. It was the first program I used and I still use it. My engineer Nick’s big on using all the plug-ins, I’m still getting into them. I’ve seen the capabilities though, and they’re just amazing,” he adds.

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